About the UK truck industry


The UK truck industry is one of the most diverse and exciting industries you can image whether you’re interested in computers, public relations, engineering, sales and , of course, there’s also truck driving !!!

Commonly referred to as the Road Transport Industry or even the general term of “logistics” the truck industry is not often the first career choice that young ( or old for that matter!) people put on their list !!

We at TruckWorld TV feel strongly about encouraging people ( and that includes both sexes!!) at all stages of the career to look at, or at least consider, entering this very underrated but exciting and fulfilling industry.

To help you visualise and experience first hand the many great opportunities that exist in the sector we shall be bringing you a series of short, informative and ,hopefully, entertaining videos.

We are also gathering together one of the most comprehensive resource centres on the internet no matter what stage you are in your career, or even if you haven’t started yet !

If you are just starting off on your career path or you are considering a career switch then keep visiting the TruckWorld TV as we upload different videos highlighting the various jobs and their rewards as well as challenges!

Industry Facts

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  • The industry will need 450,000 new people over next 5 years (80% of those just to replace people leaving the industry)

  • The average age of a HGV driver in the UK is 51, we need more young people!

  • 190,000 logistics companies in the UK, many of these small businesses

  • Worth £96 billion per year

  • Wide range of careers available from Drivers to Directors

  • Logistics includes all forms of transport including road, rail, sea & air

  • Warehousing is an integral part of the Logistics industry too

  • Information courtesy of Think Logistics


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